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Our server has many different ranks you can achieve whilst playing. Ranks are not given freely, they must be earned. A list of all ranks, as well as information pertaining to each individual rank, can be found below. Look here for a list of commands sorted by rank.


All new players start out as a guest, they have all basic commands, except for protection stones. It is highly recommended for guests to register on our website for a free promotion to the Member rank. A full list of Guest commands can be found in the Guest commands section.


  • Can set 2 homes


Member rank is achieved by signing up on our website, http://bear-nation.net. Follow this guide if you need help signing up.


  • Can play minigames and participate in the build contests.
  • Can use Protection Stones
  • Can receive one free Coal Protection Stone per month
  • Can post on the forums
  • Can set 3 homes


The Member+ rank us achieved by playing on the server for 24 hours total. (being online and not afk for 1 day (No, not all in a row)) You should be automatically ranked up once you achieve this. Use /hours to check your play time.


  • Can use the creative world
  • Can set 4 homes


The Trusted rank is awarded to those who play a lot, are respectful and helpful to others, and follow the rules of the server. You must have been a Member+ for at least 2 weeks to be eligible for Trusted. Trusted members are eligible to apply for Minigame Moderator, Builder, and Project Protections.


  • Can go $5,000 in debt.
  • Can place fire, TNT, and lava.
  • Can color signs
  • Can set 5 homes


The Elite rank is given to Trusted players who go above and beyond in trying to help other people, and impact the server in a positive way.

  • Can apply for a Moderator position when the applications are open.


  • Can emote in chat.
  • Can set 6 homes.


A rank given to all past staff who stepped down.


  • Can set 7 homes.

Top Voter

The Top Voter rank is awarded to the player who has the most votes for the previous month. The rank is updated at the beginning of every month. Use /vote ingame for links, information, and commands. The rewards are listed on the website's vote page.

Previous Top Voters
  • July 2015
  1. Umka450
  2. PIXELDUDE2001
  3. _leroy
  • August 2015
  1. _leroy
  2. Umka450
  3. Pandatai
  • September 2015
  1. Umka450
  2. Pandatai
  3. _Blast
  • October 2015
  1. Umka450
  2. ModernCreator
  3. Sparkess
  • November 2015
  1. Linkinhood
  2. ShadowSB
  3. Filid
  • December 2015
  1. _leroy
  2. Pandatai
  3. ShadowSB
  • January 2016
  1. digitalr
  2. Linkinhood
  3. BearDave
  • April 2016
  1. PandaVaderkinz
  2. SirBoffo
  3. Aculex
  • May 2016
  1. Pandatai
  2. Aculex
  3. SirBoffo
  • June 2016
  1. Aculex
  2. Linkinhood
  3. SirBoffo
  • July 2016
  1. Aculex
  2. powerade97
  3. SirBoffo
  • August 2016
  1. Aculex
  2. Warrior_Tark
  3. SirBoffo
  • September 2016
  1. CandyCats
  2. Linkinhood
  3. SirBoffo
  • October 2016
  1. _leroy
  2. Warrior_Tark
  3. Linkinhood
  • November 2016
  1. _leroy
  2. Pandatai
  3. Warrior_Tark
  • December 2016
  1. Wordsmyth
  2. PochipX
  3. _leroy
  • January 2017
  1. Warrior_Tark
  2. LadyAnime
  3. Wordsmyth
  • February 2017
  1. Warrior_Tark
  2. LadyAnime
  3. TheTakingGiver
  • March 2017
  1. Warrior_Tark
  2. CandyCats
  3. Sandtato
  • April 2017
  1. arbiter6784
  2. Warrior_Tark
  3. Pugabyte
  • May 2017
  1. _noahkiq
  2. Pandatai
  3. powerade97
  • June 2017
  1. Warrior_Tark
  2. odyssey2012
  3. PandaVaderkinz
  • July 2017
  1. smithyau
  2. odyssey2012
  3. Warrior_Tark
  • August 2017
  1. odyssey2012
  2. Pugabyte
  3. Warrior_Tark
  • September 2017
  1. _leroy
  2. Pandatai
  3. Linkinhood


The Builder rank is achieved through the application for Trusted and up only. Builders work in the build admin world primarily, and have fly in all other worlds. They can build freely, but also contribute to server builds such as events, warps and maps.

Applying for Builder isn't as easy as you may think. If you look at the application for builder, it will ask for three "points". These points are three build-related things you have built on this server. To apply, you choose the three things you have done (here, on Bear Nation- imported builds from previous servers do not count) and provide screenshots. Here are your options.

  1. Getting first, second, or third place in a build competition. 1 point.
  2. One creative build. 1 point.
    • If you have created a warp or mini-game map, that counts as one point. (Only counts if it was made ON Bear Nation)
  3. Having Project Protection. 3 points.
  4. Survival build, no project protection. 2 points.

Keep in mind that everything will be judged by a case by case basis. We're looking for build styles and quality, not quantity. Not all builds will actually count for points.


  • Can fly.
  • Can teleport to coordinates.
  • Can open a crafting table and their enderchest from anywhere.
  • Can use powertools.
  • Can set 7 homes.


The job of an architect is to be the leader of server build projects. They recruit people with the skills, ideas, and/or style they are looking for to build what is needed. Architects help and maintain builder projects, and watch over the Build world to look for new talent. They work with the build admin(s) to organize what the server needs and how to get it done.

I want to help!!!

We may not always need a builders helping hand on a project, don't try and force yourself into an Architect or a Build Admins' eyes, let them come to you.

I've been recruited!! YAY!! But..now what?

Once a Build Admin or Architect allows you to the region, you can use the 'Other Warps' warp menu to warp to the plot world. They can then allow you to build on a certain plot, which will be dedicated to a certain project.


  • All powers of Builder.
  • Can use navigation commands.
  • Can set 8 homes.
  • Access to World Edit.
  • Access to VoxelSniper
  • Can use the Staff world for projects.
List of Architects

Minigame Moderator

Minigame Mods are a half-staff rank that can be earned through applying on the BN website under the applications tab. Most of their focus is for minigames, building, balancing, and moderating. They help people with minigame commands, limiting fights initiated by minigames, explaining the games, and more. If no other staff are on, they have permission to take action on anyone who is not following the rules. They have no permissions in the normal world besides warning, muting, kicking & banning people, and using the staff chat. You must be at least the trusted rank to be considered for this position.


  • Can change gamemode of theirselves and others in the game world
  • Can spawn the terraforming kit
  • Can fly
  • Can use the compass to move through/around builds
  • Can change their own and other player's speed
  • Can use /tppos, /tp, /tpo, /tphere, and /tpohere
  • Can change their ptime
  • Can use /tree
  • Can use /workbench & /echest
  • Can use powertools
  • Can use VoxelSniper
  • Can use WorldEdit
  • Can administrate plots in the /baplots world
  • Can set 9 homes
Minigame Moderators


Moderators are the first level of staff. They answer any questions a player has, fix griefs, moderate chat, and see to any other basic problems players have. They are also expected to be active of the development in the server, providing their opinions and communicating with players, learning what they enjoy about the server and what they don't, and relaying that back to the rest of the staff. You must be Elite to apply for Mod. A chat announcement will be made every 15 minutes to all Elite players when the applications are open. Moderators do not inherit the powers of Builders - Only Elite. Look here for a commands list.


  • Can clear chat.
  • Can use format codes on signs
  • Can turn off/on IRC.
  • Can fly.
  • Can use navigation commands.
  • Can open their enderchest with /echest
  • Access to lava/fire/water kits.
  • Can view all tickets.
  • Can join the staff channel and the mod channel.
  • Can delete other player's homes.
  • Can force a player to go to a warp.
  • Can clear their inventory.
  • Can change their fly and walk speed.
  • Access to god mode.
  • Can vanish.
  • Can see and modify other player's inventories.
  • Can use /tp, /tphere and /tppos.
  • Can join the server even when it's full.
  • Can un-sign other player's books.
  • Can use /whois to view information about the player.
  • Can access all LWC protections.
  • Can use Prism, the roll back plugin.
  • Can bypass all Protection Stone fields.
  • Can change the owner of a Protection Stone.
  • Can freeze players.
  • Can warn players.
  • Can mute players.
  • Can kick players.
  • Can ban players.
  • Can set 10 homes.


Operators are the second level of staff. Their main objective is to keep the community running smoothly. Along with all the duties of a mod, they make sure all mods are behaving properly, have some extra permissions to deal with some special problems, help develop the server in different ways, and much more. This rank is awarded to mods who go above and beyond in helping others and who are great role models for the community.


  • Can promote people to Trusted and Elite.
  • Can bypass WorldGuard regions.
  • Can use Creative.
  • Can use World Edit.
  • Can use PowerTools.
  • Can access a crafting table with /workbench.
  • Can smite people.
  • Can burn and extinguish other players.
  • Can change the speed of other players.
  • Kittycannon!
  • Can summon lightning.
  • Can spawn mobs.
  • Can keep their EXP on death.
  • Can return to their death point with /back.
  • Can set and delete other player's homes.
  • Can use /more and /repair.
  • Can clear ban history.
  • Can see a staff's warn/mute/kick/ban history, and undo it with one command.
  • Cannot be banned by Moderators.
  • Can change the owner of an LWC protection.
  • Can set 11 homes


Assist the server owners in maintaining and developing the server both in the background, as well as on the community side. Admins have both the power and responsibility to help solve issues with players, staff and plugins. They also help to generate and implement new ideas to grow the server and provide more fun events for the players


  • Everything.


PugaBear, Founder of the server. He has the same duties as Admins; developing the server in any way he can.


  • More than everything.